Sunday, 22 November 2009

My New Moon Review

So have been waiting to review properly and after the third time of seeing the film this afternoon, I think I am ready. This will be long and contain *spoilers* so do not read ahead if you have not seen it yet.

I absolutely adore this film, in my opinion it is better than Twilight, the bigger budget has helped, I felt Weitz was more faithful to the book than Hardwicke, he got the connection between Bella and Jacob perfectly. I love the colours, it's not as grainy and dull as Twilight, it's more vibrant.

Kristen's acting has improved on Twilight, she is growing more comfortable in the role of Bella or perhaps acts better as a manic depressive, lol. I never imagined Bella as a crying weepy wreck in New Moon, she was just sort of dead inside and Kristen did a great job of revealing the pain and anguish through her letters to Alice and generally being in a trance like state, anyone who has been heartbroken will know the empty feeling in your chest sad.gif Loved every scene with her and Taylor, they just worked so well together. Loved the reunion scene with Edward in Italy, amarzing, everything being reconciled in the seconds after he realises Bella is alive, made me cry with tears of joy.

Taylor Lautner totally blew me away, he is clearly very talented, not only is his physical change is impressive, but he really put his heart and soul into every scene. I enjoyed every scene he was in, I really think he is going to bug the hell out of me in Eclipse. I am totally not a Jacob fan in the books, he kind of just annoys me, but Taylor has completely turned that around for me with his portrayal of Jacob in New Moon.

I loved the cinema scene with Bella, when Mike was in the toilet throwing up, he went from being so tender with Bella to getting really mad at Mike and almost turning into the Incredible Hulk. I also loved the scene where he is trying to tell Bella about being a wolf but is bound not to tell her, you can just see how pained and desperate he is for her to know.

Rob was divine as ever, although think they needed to airbrush his laughter line's out a little with the amount of white make up they plastered on his lovely face, it was criminal in my opinion. Really this dude is meant to be absurdly beautiful and 17 years old! My favourite scene with Edward was of course the break up scene, actually it started with the birthday scene after Bella was bleeding all over the lovely shag carpet and Jasper had decided he wanted to chow down on her, when the hungry vamps had left the room and Edward was standing there looking at her with eyes that knew this had to end :*( Then removing himself in her room :**( I was almost having a nervous breakdown by the time he kissed her head and closed his eyes like it was the most painful thing he had ever done in his 109 years :***(. I also swooned for England at Edward reciting back to Mr Birdie the Romeo line's from the film, Rob need's to do a period drama ASAP! I am not sure the Beeb could afford him now though and we all know they do the best Period drama's right?

The wolf pack - awesome. Alex was great as Paul, when I met him at LFCC, I thought awww he is way to sweet to play Paul, but yeah, he was kind of sexy being mean. Also Bronson as Jared was brilliant, the killer line of "guess what? We're faster", too funny, he really reminds me of someone but I can't think who? I was worried about the CGI when I saw the trailer of Jacob phasing in the air, but actually it wasn't that bad in the film, some parts were actually a little scary and they were huge enough too.

The soundtrack in this film is amazing and also love the score. The scene for me that is as poignant musically as the Baseball scene with Super Massive Black Hole is the scene with Victoria and the Wolves running through the woods, this really is setting the scene for Eclipse and Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage playing over it is a masterpiece.

I am gutted that Rachelle Lefevre has been replaced on Eclipse, she was brilliant without even saying a word.

Have read some people saying about Alice's outfits not being very fashionista as they didn't show off her petite body? I loved her outfits, am I the only one? lol. Maybe, layers and scarves are my thing.

Michael Sheen as Aro, genius casting here, this guy is phenomenal, he captures the essence of Aro to a tee, sophisticated, sinister, the greediness in his eyes at all of the Cullen's special powers and the longing to know how Bella's ability will develop when she become's an immortal, just perfect. It's been mentioned before but why is Marcus speaking? He doesn't speak he's meant to mope and be generally depressed? Although I do love Christopher Heyerdahl so can forgive this oversight. I loved Caius parting speech to them about hurrying up with the transformation and that the Volturi do not give second chances.

Felix and Demetri, obviously am biased as love Dan and Charlie, the elevator scene was lolarious, so uncomfortable and loved the drama and voice projection of Charlie playing Demetri, I can't wait for him to showcase his tracking ability in Breaking Dawn, it's going to be epic!

The only thing that bugged me about the Volturi scenes was the fight scene with Felix and Edward, as much as it breaks my heart to see poor Rob thrown around like a rag doll, it is also very unlikely that Edward would have got his ass kicked like he did, this made Edward look like a wuss
mad.gif. If we recall in Eclipse when Jasper is training them to fight against the Newborns, Jasper could not win against Edward because Edward could read every move Jasper was going to make and moved before Jasper could get him (thanks to Miss Sanchez for reminding me of this fact xx).

I don't think the end scene was rushed, I think they got across what they needed to and it was pretty clear from the reunion scene that they were reconciled. I am just glad that he proposed at the end :) But was desperately sad for Jacob's wolfy sad face too
sad.gif I really can see people moving over to Team Jacob after seeing this film.

Stars that will always shine for me in the Twilight saga:

Billy Burke as Charlie, this guy doesn't even have to try to be funny and he hasn't read the books so kudos to him for nailing Charlie Swan with only the script. Legend.

Kellan Lutz as Emmett, loved his one funny line "The older woman huh?" lololol - please can we have more from our fave cuddly bear in Eclipse... Please, we love this dude!

Justin Chon as Eric, the R&J movie watching scene with Mr Birdie was lolarious, he is just such a warm nice guy, I love him.

Nikki Reed, I can't wait for her to have her moment in Eclipse, I think she is awesome, that is all.

Okay I will shut up now, am sure more will come to me.

To sum up, I think Chris Weitz rocks and I am all for him doing Breaking Dawn :)

Thank you and good night x

New Moon Soundtrack - scenes

School Car Park scene - Edward walking over to Bella
Monsters - Hurricane Bells

Birthday Scene
No Sound But Wind - Editors

Edward driving Bella home from Birthday
Satellite Heart - Anya Marina

Edward removing traces of himself & Break up scene :(
Roslyn - Bon Iver & St Vincent

Bella at her window with the month passing by
Possibility - Lykke Li

Jessica and Bella leave the Cinema
I Belong To You - Muse

Bella rides on the motorcycle with the biker guy
Friends - Band of Skulls

Bella switches off the radio in the garage
All I Believe In - The Magic Numbers

Jacob fixing up the bikes with Bella
Shooting the Moon - OK Go

Meadow Scene
New Moon (The Meadow) Alexandre Desplat

Emily's house
Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Wolves & Victoria running through the woods
Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke

Bella Cliff Diving
Slow Life - Grizzly Bear with Victoria Legrand

Car Journey with Edward before meeting Jacob in the woods
The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf

Ending Credits
A White Demon Love Song - The Killers
Meet me on the Equinox - Death Cab for Cutie

Saturday, 14 November 2009

New Moon Fan Party - 11th November 2009

In September, Summit announced that the World Premiere of New Moon would be held in LA - the British Twilight community were a little upset - myself amongst them.

Later that week Summit announced it's UK distributor, E1 Entertainment would be organising a New Moon Fan Event in London and finally on November 3rd details were released of how to win tickets to the event, being held at Battersea Park on November 11th.

Tickets were won by ballot entry and we were lucky enough to win a pair :)

So on a cold and wet November morning, myself and Claire made our merry way to London, catching the train from Wolverton to London Euston.

We met up with another Claire who had made her way up on the coach from Bude, Cornwall, it took her 12 hours of travelling, she was going to do the red carpet as didn't win ballot tickets and I really hoped she got to meet Kristen, Rob and Taylor when she got there, after all that is dedication.

We arrived at Battersea Park about 11ish and already there was a line of 30-40 people in each queue, one for the red carpet and one for ticket holders. Some people had even camped out overnight, they must have been so cold :(

As we were waiting I decided to get out the SLR camera (I had managed to procure it from my Husband), I thought it best to find out how to work it before going inside the venue, however when I tried to turn it on - nothing. One phone call later and a lot of profanities being yelled down the phone at said Husband, I learn that he put the battery on charge the evening before and hadn't put it back in the camera! My whole day nearly being sabotaged by a very forgetful hubby, I run off into the distance and jump in a taxi to the Kings Road in search of a battery or failing that a new camera.

I get dropped off at Peter Jones (John Lewis) and head straight for the electronics dept, I think the salesman thought I was completely bonkers, I told him I needed a camera with decent zoom and that I could use straight away, bless him, he sold me a Panasonic Lumix and swapped the battery out of a display one so I had some charge in it. I popped it onto my husband's account and made my way back to Battersea Park. I resisted the urge to chuck the SLR in the Thames along the way!

Back in the queue, Claire had got soaking wet whilst I was away as a downpour had ensued. Although it was cold and wet, nothing could dampen this crowd's spirits. Vans and trucks had been arriving all day, carpet people, handymen, lighting, news vans you name it, this all added to the excitement bubbling through the masses. The ticket office opened at just gone 2pm, time was creeping on towards the main event. The red carpet was loaded at around 3pm.

Finally at 4.40pm the gates opened for us and the security let us through in groups of 20 at a time, we approached the building and was stunned to see a giant illuminated Moon floating above mist and trees to the right of the venue.

We walked down the red carpet adorned with flamed torches, the crowds of people at either side of the carpet cheered and jeered, we saw a few familiar faces on our way down.

Inside hundreds of twinkly red lights lit the black drapes above, massive New Moon posters draped from the VIP balconies on either side, Volturi, Jacob, Bella, Edward and The Wolf Pack.

We headed straight to the bar whilst everyone made a dash for the front row! Once we had some wine in hand, we positioned ourselves on the 2nd row to the right of the stage. Alex Zane was projected onto the screen either side of the stage, he was on the red carpet interviewing fans and waiting for the imminent arrival of the Rob, Kristen and Taylor. During the wait, they had caped Volturi members and half naked wolves flying around the carpet, ramping up the Team Edward and Team Jacob debate... No representative from Team Switzerland, maybe a giant fondue next time ;)

We saw the bands make their way down the carpet, Band of Skulls, The Magic Numbers. Wyck Godfrey (Producer) was interviewed by Alex as were the bands. Finally a blacked out car pulls up and out jumps Rob to a thunderous reception, he actually looks really happy, considering all of the promo he's being doing. I heard after that he, Kristen and Taylor signed and chatted to fans for ages, which was really, really cool of them.

Back inside and away from the red carpet, we were introduced to a few of the bands from the soundtrack, first up were Band of Skulls, who sang 4 songs (I think) including "Friends" followed by the Magic Numbers... Yayyyyyyyyy!

All to soon the Q&A comes up, Grimmers brings the gang on stage to deafening screaming and cheering... We are about 10ft away from them and have a pretty good view.

Q&A reveals....

Has filming Twilight changed your outlook on Life?
Rob - err Yes, I guess it means I have much more respect for my name! I feel the paler you are the better you do with women (laughs, Kristen shoots him a funny look)... That's not true anymore, this is the sequel, last year if you were white... That was okay.

Has there been a book, film or band which you have been fanatical about?
Rob - erm, not really no, I mean I'd love to be able to come to something like this and just stand in there and scream, I'd love to be able to feel completely comfortable doing that, it'd be kind of amazing, but I've never found anything like that, I don't know why. I screamed so much when I... err no that was something ridiculous I was going to say... (Grimmers - Come on) I'd be in court!

What do you miss most about London?
Rob - I miss Battersea Park quite a bit! Errrr I don't know, I miss quite a lot of things... I miss the Twilight fans.

What was the funniest moment you remember from the time on set?
Rob - the moment I am trying to do a stand off with Taylor and I'm trying to look tough for a second, maybe not the funniest but by far the most embarrassing.

How did you prepare yourself for the emotional that Jacob has for Bella?
Taylor - ummm the emotional change that Jacob goes through, is the most important part. It was just a case of diving into the book and studying the character over and over again. My relationship with Kristen really helped and being under the direction of Mr Chris Weitz.

What's the best thing about being part of Twilight?
Taylor - having this kind of support behind us, it makes us feel a lot more comfortable with what we're doing, there's not a better feeling in the World than making a movie knowing that we actually have people that are really really excited to see it.

If you hadn't played this part, do you ever wonder how different life would be?
Kristen - I would just be less busy, I'm going to answer this seriously as I can't do the funny thing, acting, you never stop, all acting is, all filming is caring about other people and wanting to understand them more and through that you get to understand yourself more and the fact that I have got to do something for such a long period of time, that I normally don't get the opportunity to do, it's been the most concentrated, most amazing study of a character I've ever had and if I didn't have that I'd probably be pulling my hair out trying to find something that I love this much.

If you could change Bella, what would you do?
Kristen - I'd make her a Vampire

What was your favourite scene to shoot?
Kristen - I like the running through Italy, my favourite scene, not to shoot, but definitely stressed me out, not the most, second most, was when she gets to push him out the way and they sort of reconcile their whole relationship, they say nothing, all they have to do is look at each other and it's over.

Who is better for Bella, Edward or Jacob?
Kristen - if I was friend's with Bella I would be like please make my life easier and date Jacob... But Edward.

Below are some photos taken during the Q&A

Rob, Kristen and Taylor were all very chilled out and cool, despite the screaming and "I love you Rob's" and chants of "Take it off" to Taylor, re his shirt. Kristen was really lovely, she is such a sweetheart.

The rest of the evening was relatively chilled out, after the Trinity and Chris left, people moved away from the crowded stage area, got drinks and watched the last two bands Daisy Dares you and Goldhawks, then the New Moon trailer.

Finally got home and into bed at gone 1am - roll on the 20th when we actually get to see New Moon.

O xxx